Tips To Clean Seat Cushions That Cannot Be Machine Washed

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There are a lot of seat cushions that you cannot wash in the washing machine. This can lead to you wondering how to clean them. The methods that you use to clean these cushions will vary depending on the problem you need to clean.

Cleaning Dust And Dirt

Cushions seem to attract dirt, dust and pet hair if you have pets. To clean all of the accumulated dirt, dust and dander, you need to vacuum the cushions. You should use the upholstery attachment that generally comes with the vacuum to loosen the debris. This should be followed with a small and nonabrasive brush in the seams. The brush should only be used if the vacuum has not removed all of the debris.

If you want to remove pet hair without getting the vacuum, there is another option. You can wipe the cushion with your hand while wearing a rubber glove. The glove will pick up the hair and remove it from the cushion.


Cleaning Spots And Spills

Spills on cushions will happen at some point and it can be a nightmare if you cannot put the cushion in the washing machine. In these situations, you need to blot the spill as soon as possible. This will prevent it from soaking into the cushion.

When blotting the spill, you need to use a clean white cloth or some paper towel that does not have colour. Colour on the cloth that you use to blot can transfer to your cushion if you are not careful. If the spill is not fully liquid, you need to remove as much of the item as possible with some paper towels. When you do this, you need to wipe from the outside toward the centre of the spill. The spot should then be blotted after.

If you have spilt sauce such as mustard or ketchup on the cushion, you should use a white vinegar-soaked cloth to remove the stain. This will also help remove any odours the spot will leave in the fabric.

General Cleaning

There are other times when you will want to clean your cushions and not remove a certain type of stain or dirt. This is when you need to use a general cleaner. The cleaner you need will be a mixture of 1-part laundry or dish soap and 4 parts water.

Once you have the mixture, you need to whip it until a foam appears. The foam should then be applied to the surface of the cushion, but not the liquid. Rub the foam over the cushion with a soft brush and scoop the remained with a rubber scraper. A soft and damp white cloth should be used to wipe the cushion down. The cushion should then be left to air dry.

Cleaning a cushion that is not machine washable can be a challenge. However, there are certain tips you can use based on the problem you are trying to clean. Even when there is no problem, you can clean the cushion without too many problems.

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